Boost Your Business with Twitter Marketing

Twitter has changed the landscape on how businesses can best reach potential customers, yet many businesses still don’t know how to utilize Twitter to their fullest advantage, or, in some cases, how to use it at all. Far from being a social-media fad, Twitter is here to stay. Becoming proficient at Twitter marketing could send your business into the big leagues.

Why Utilize Twitter Marketing for Your Business?

Twitter Has the Numbers

With over 500 million users, Twitter clearly reaches every level of society in almost all corners of the world. And that’s in just 6 years. Corporations like Coca-Cola routinely use Twitter to reach thousands of consumers. Why shouldn’t you?

Twitter is the New Mobile Marketing

The reason to market to mobile phone users is a no-brainer — everyone has one. But while mobile alerts through SMS remain the norm, Twitter allows you to reach a targeted customer base, one that has signed up to your website, the minute you publish a tweet.

Twitter is Always Current

If you need to track hottest industry trends, it’s hard to beat Twitter. Whether it’s a celebrity scandal, a serious news item, or an insider’s marketing strategy, Twitter’s minute-by-minute updates make it more current than even the most popular news sites.

Twitter Marketing Tips:

Be specific. Have a goal for your Twitter marketing strategy other than just having a lot of followers. It’s great to have a lot of followers, however, it’s one thing to have thousands of followers and another to convert those followers into potential customers or subscribers. Link your Twitter marketing plans and budget to capturing a particular audience, tracking your customer satisfaction, or branching into new territory.

Don’t forget your Twitter page. Many businesses are too eager to start tweeting without putting much thought into their Twitter web page. Big mistake! Twitter followers sign up to receive tweets from web pages they like. Remember, first impressions count, especially in the social media world. Make sure all your company’s information, including a description of your services, are visible and up to date. Also, make sure your homepage design is both professional and aesthetically pleasing. Consider hiring a skilled web designer to create a Twitter page that will compliment your brand…we can help with that too 🙂

Involve your community. Contests spread like wildfire through Twitter, and can be linked to various other types of marketing media. Polls help you track and understand your core followers and target audience.

Think long-term. No matter what you’re selling or promoting, don’t focus your Twitter time on making a fast sale. Twitter is for networking, and that means building a long-term base of both customers and other followers with valuable information and skills. While you do want to see trackable short-term results, do not underestimate Twitter’s potential for the future of your business.

Do you need help with your Twitter marketing strategy? Contact us or call (855) 33-APPLE for a FREE consultation. We’ll help you build an effective Twitter marketing campaign for your business.

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