How Can You Benefit From Local SEO?

According to a study take by Neilson Statistics, 76% of web users first look at Local Search when searching for products and services online. Let’s face it, if your potential customers are searching locally and they can’t find your website, they will land on your competitor’s web page. Local SEO brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “first come, first served”.

Whether you own a start-up or an existing business, if your target market is within your local area, you can greatly benefit from Local SEO. Local SEO provides the following benefits:

  • Generating targeted sales and leads
  • Establishes local online visibility
  • Helps in establishing an online reputation locally

What exactly is Local SEO? It’s an effective online marketing strategy used to promote and target local businesses to people who may be searching for your product or service online. In order to thoroughly understand how Local SEO works, you have to first understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO refers to items like keywords, meta tags and HTML code that, when embedded in a website, work toward natural, organic search results. In an attempt to bolster SEO, investigating online search history databases is imperative to find out what people are looking for, using search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

This information is then narrowed down to particular words and phrases entered into search engines. If a search term is used over and over again, it is more likely to draw traffic to specific sites. From there, web designers can then execute the construction of each page, taking in to consideration frequently used search terms. Because there is a large amount of competition from like websites (Fandango versus Moviefone, for example) it is important that these search terms are integrated into the site.

The more frequently those words and phrases appear, the higher the ranking of the website when those terms are used.

Local SEO is a form of marketing that bolsters an online presence, using geographically-oriented keywords, terms and phrases. It utilizes ranking in local algorithms rather than chasing a global presence (i.e. a regional theater’s website versus

While the terminology on a website can certainly help with ranking, the age of the site, how frequently it’s viewed and the amount of pages can have a great effect on a website’s ranking as well. However, one of the primary methods of increasing rank and overall web visibility (which directly relates to SEO, having the most foot traffic through a given website) is the amount of links that are directed to a site. Linking other sites is a good means of establishing a presence online; however the rubber hits the road when others link their sites to yours.

While imbedding keywords into websites boosts visibility, it is more than simply stuffing the proverbial ballot box. With Google becoming more vigilant in regards to spamming and trolling, it has become increasingly more important to have a notable web-presence and relevance to gain higher rankings.

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