Category Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Off-page Optimization?

In the beginning, almost all web marketing was done with On-page Optimization. And while the time-honored methods used for online optimization (updating your site’s text frequently, using the right meta tags, and maximizing your rankings on search engines) remains important, it’s Off-page Optimization that is becoming increasingly vital to maximizing your website’s users and popularity. Read More

What is Link Building?

The success of your website isn’t just about on-site optimization. Link building is all about making sure that other sites feature links connecting back to your website, and that your site links to the right websites and hubs, ensuring your website has a prominent presence on the internet. It’s not just about collecting as many links as possible. Being smart about link building can make an astounding difference in your SEO campaign, in your business, and maybe even your industry. Read More

What is On-page Optimization?

Every website owner desires to have traffic. On-page Optimization is the obvious way to increase your web traffic. On-page Optimization is work performed on a website to help make it more search engine friendly. It’s clearly visible on your website or in your code, and it brings you the best target audience: customers already looking for your website. Read More

How Can You Benefit From Local SEO?

According to a study take by Neilson Statistics, 76% of web users first look at Local Search when searching for products and services online. Let’s face it, if your potential customers are searching locally and they can’t find your website, they will land on your competitor’s web page. Local SEO brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “first come, first served”. Read More