Facebook: The New Marketing Frontier

Once upon a time, small businesses relied upon the Yellow Pages and larger businesses relied upon commercials and print ads to satisfy their marketing needs. Those days are long over and, thanks to modern technology; businesses of all sizes can now connect with customers interactively through networking and social media sites like Facebook.

This has revolutionized the marketing industry and transformed the all-mighty concept of “brand” into “relationship management”, where a company’s reputation depends less on the concept they can portray of themselves and more on how they manage direct interaction with their customers.

For the past several years, the front lines of this action are social media-based sites, with Facebook being the primary heavy-hitter. This has caused quite a stir in the marketing industry as small and large businesses alike have made the transition from offline to online advertising. Although there was an initial stage of reluctancy to embrace social media as a marketing strategy, more and more businesses seem to be jumping on the Facebook bandwagon and are discovering some very unique advantages to utilizing Facebook as a major component of their marketing approach along the way. Several of the major benefits to a Facebook marketing campaign that we hear about the most include:

Connect. One of the greatest advantages of Facebook marketing is the ability to connect directly and interact with customers and potential customers. This interaction has the power to transform one-time customers into repeat customers through continued interaction with the customer in the form of updates, polls, images, and special offers.

Grow your audience. While strengthening existing relationships, Facebook marketing also offers you the capacity to reach beyond your current “friends” list and grow your customer base through “likes”, recommendations, and comments about your business’s products or services by existing customers.

More effective message delivery. It has been proven that viewers are more likely to actually see Facebook marketing messages in the form of status updates than they are to open email messages. This higher rate of exposure is due primarily to the fact that updates are displayed in a viewer’s newsfeed and do not require any action on the part of the viewer to “open” the message.

Build Your Brand and Establish Credibility. The right approach to Facebook marketing allows businesses to reach out and touch customers on a consistent basis, thereby strengthening their brand and establishing themselves as a credible authority on their product or service type. This enhances the relationship with the customer and increases the likelihood of repeat customers.

Overall, an effective Facebook campaign can not only increase your customer base and improve customer loyalty; it can also lead to better and more effective customer relationship management, which will ultimately improve not only customer relations, but also the vitality of the business as a whole.

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