What is Link Building?

The success of your website isn’t just about on-site optimization. Link building is all about making sure that other sites feature links connecting back to your website, and that your site links to the right websites and hubs, ensuring your website has a prominent presence on the internet. It’s not just about collecting as many links as possible. Being smart about link building can make an astounding difference in your SEO campaign, in your business, and maybe even your industry.

Aren’t More Links Just Better?

Some say that link building is a numbers game—the more links you have, the better. But this is sort of an old, outdated way of thinking. The internet is an already enormous world that is growing exponentially by the minute, making your website just one of, well, millions. Volume is great, but it’s just as important to be targeted to an audience that is at least specific enough to make a difference in your profits. Furthermore, while linking to the right “back links” (i.e. links that aren’t recently posted, but are still frequently visited) helps you, it isn’t always easy to distinguish a “high page” back link from one that is less active. The best link building strategy is one that is customized for your business. A company like Green Apple Sales can help you achieve this level of success.

How Does Link Building Work?

Automated software can send your marketing message to the furthest corners of the internet…but that kind of anonymous blasting might have a negative impact on your website numbers. Link building by purely manual methods—one website at a time—gives you ideal results tailored just for you. But that can be arduous, time-consuming, and less than profitable. The ideal approach towards link building is somewhere between these two extremes. Expect to do some research before you find what works best for you.

What Methods are Best for Building Links?

There are numerous methods of link building for professional networking or business purposes. SEO articles written on your topic or specifically about your business are a great way to bring interest to your website. Press releases to relevant industry leaders or potential customers can also get the message across. Like most people, you more than likely do not have time to sit in front of a computer all day creating SEO content for your business. If you want fresh content that will hook your audience, consider hiring a professional to create content for you.

Furthermore, with the proliferation of numerous social networking and bookmarking sites, it’s important to be linked to those that can really help you. When approached with the right marketing strategy, link building might be all you need to send your business (and profits) skyrocketing to the next level.

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