What is Off-page Optimization?

In the beginning, almost all web marketing was done with On-page Optimization. And while the time-honored methods used for online optimization (updating your site’s text frequently, using the right meta tags, and maximizing your rankings on search engines) remains important, it’s Off-page Optimization that is becoming increasingly vital to maximizing your website’s users and popularity.

How Does Off-page Optimization Work?

Off-page Optimization is more a carefully implemented strategy than a checklist or series of maneuvers designed to attract traffic. Because so many search engines and websites are now designed to counter more traditional and over-employed On-page optimization methods (excessive or arbitrary use of keywords in content, too many tags or filters), Off-page Optimization has become more and more important to the success of any SEO campaign. The ultimate goal of most types of Off-page Optimization techniques is to create more backlinks to your website in as many of the right directories as possible.

Examples of Off-page Optimization Include:

  • The Authority and Quality of the Websites That Link Back to Your Site
  • Being Listed on Blogs, Forums and Other Community-Generated Boards
  • Publishing Articles Either Referencing Your Site or Pertaining To Your Business
  • Usage of Classified Ads and Press Releases In Directories

Tips for Off-page Optimization

Do Your Research. Successful Off-page Optimization isn’t done quickly or overnight. Spend the time, effort and, if necessary, your budget, into researching where and how you rank, marketing to those sites you want to rank to, and monitoring your progress on blogs and online communities.

Get Linked By Authoritative Sites. You’re not looking to be linked by everybody. It’s important to note that Off-page Optimization means that you get linked by quality websites sites with high page ranking. It’s a measure of trust, so do the research and find out who’s recommending you.

Use Reciprocal Links Sparingly. A reciprocal link is one where you’ve linked back to the site that has linked to you. It can have some negative impact on your ranking because it appears like a reciprocal exchange of links, rather than a more objective estimation of quality. One-way links, where a website features links back to your site, are best.

Optimize Your Future. Off-page Optimization is about being backlinked by the right websites and ranked highly by authoritative search engines. It isn’t easy, but it can generate long-term value in popularity.

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